ISAAC Mentoring celebrates end of year

ISAAC Mentoring celebrates end of year

10th July 2024 Connect, Encourage, Mentoring 0

It was a blessing to connect with someone that has walked these roads

Ten ISAAC Members have recently concluded the full year with the ISAAC Mentoring program that ran from 2023-24. The five Mentor-Mentee groups were made up of three cross cultural and two same culture pairs. Three pairs have decided to continue meeting beyond the year as they have developed a strong and beneficial relationship. A further two pairs started the year and finished on a positive note before the end of the full year.

Mentoring pair from 2021-’22 cohort

We are in the process of gathering information from all the participants about how the experience went for them, as we learn and develop the program. Some comments from Mentees so far gives us a flavour of how the sessions went:

My mentors wisdom was insightful, and the common testimony and connections drew us together.

Being part of the mentor-mentee project by ISAAC was a right decision for me. Sometimes, working in the field of addiction I find it challenging and disappointing especially when I am working alone or as a freelancer… a gentle reminder from above through the mentor-mentee process that it is okay to face challenges… it is very good to see things from different perspective and try out new things and that I am designed to change,

This mentorship program is valuable for anyone who has a vision for Christian ministry. The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How can be answered in conversations with your Mentor who has faced these struggles and found solutions

A few Mentees have shared that they feel ‘privileged’ to have been paired with their specific Mentor.  Others have shared that the overall experience has been: encouraging, supportive, informative, uplifting, a wonderful blessing, and empowering.

We will re-launch ISAAC Mentoring, strengthened by our learnings from this group as we gather and evaluate all the feedback.