About Us

Team lunchWhat is ISAAC?

We are an international network of Christians, responding to the escalating problem of substance misuse and addiction. Members of the network can be individuals or organisations.

ISAAC members work in Rehabilitation centres, Street agencies, Drop-in centres, Church-based ministries, Counselling services and Prevention programmes. They work with people addicted to substances (like drugs and alcohol) but also behavioural addictions such as eating disorders or codependency.

While ISAAC International is registered as a charity, we do not follow a traditional organisational structure. When someone signs-up to be an ISAAC member, they are signing up to join an international family. Just as families members do, ISAAC members can expect to be helped and supported just as they are expected to help and support other members.

The leaders of the network are pioneers in the field and come from different backgrounds and expertise. They help members do three things: CONNECT, ENCOURAGE and EQUIP one another. Small regional groups, conferences, regular mailings, social media and personal contact are just some ways that this happens.