Background and Core Values

From the International Steering Group:

We set-up ISAAC International in 1997 to encourage Christians like us who work in the challenging field of addiction;…to see people set free from their addictions and living productive lives.

We recognise that the work can be tough, disappointing and isolating; but it was also joyous, encouraging and fulfilling! This balance is something that everyone in this line of work deals with at some point. We found that sharing our knowledge, attitudes and practice with peers and contacts who were committed to Christ enriched our work experience. So the ISAAC community was formed: to connect, encourage and equip Christians working in addictions and recovery.

All our work is guided by these core values:

A strong and consistent focus on Christ and His call to the Church to “set the prisoners free”.

Constantly seeking to reflect God’s broken heart for people with addictions believing His love and power can bring fullness of life to all. We believe that the highest ideal is to ensure that such fullness is experienced primarily by enabling people not to misuse substances in the first place.

We recognise that the local church should be the principle vehicle of Christian efforts and the core means of resourcing that endeavour.

We believe that the value of family and community cannot be over-emphasised. The relationships that a loving community and family provide help people become whom they were created to be.

We promote the dignity and wholeness that come through abstinence and sobriety.

While we affirm the highest standards of professionalism our foundational principle remains ‘the simplicity of the Gospel’. Therefore our aim is to enable and encourage one another to honour God through standards of excellence.

Because of our commitment to the values above we ask anyone wishing to become an ISAAC member to sign up to our statement of faith and ethical statement.