Note from ISAAC President

Connect, Encourage and EquipTom and Terry Bremer

These three words encapsulate the mission of the great ISAAC fellowship. Fulfilling these tasks does not happen in a vacuum. They require action! Let me go through the list.

First up is Connect. ISAAC has connected hundreds of Christian recovery programs on every continent in the world. These connections provide a platform to share unique approaches to recovery through diverse cultural and geopolitical realities. Great relationships have been built.

Next is Encourage. People who are connected experience encouragement from others. Those working in difficult situations and cultures often feel isolated or abandoned. ISAAC seeks to encourage such leaders to “continue the race” and fulfill God’s calling.

Last but not least is Equip. In the ISAAC fellowship there is a wealth of accumulated experience. Various leaders can help equip, via training seminars, those who are new to the task or are simply wanting or needing more training.

All of us in the ISAAC family happily welcome your financial gifts so that we can continue our God-given mission to connect, encourage and equip those who are working among the addicted.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you all.

Tom Bremer MA LPC