Foundations in Addictions Recovery Course

Foundations in Addictions RecoveryAs part of our mission to EQUIP Christians responding to addictions, ISAAC Living Recovery have developed the Foundations in Addictions Recovery Course

The 10 modules cover the basic knowledge, frameworks, theology and tools that Christians responding to addictions where they are, need to know. Developed from a university certificate course, our Biblically-based training is delivered by our experienced trainer Mark Wood. This course will give you the knowledge and tools to work competently, safely, ethically and effectively with people in addictions/recovery. We are excited to share it with you!

  • Facilitated in-person or online groups (two and a half hours/session)
  • Videos, discussion and exercises
  • Access full course or any module
  • No prior qualification needed
  • Suitable for staff training, CPD and lifelong-learning
  • Certificate awarded on completion of each module and full course

Module list:

  1. The Nature of Addiction
  2. Addictive Substances
  3. Holistic, Professional Care
  4. Client Centered Care and the Working Relationship
  5. Behavioural Addictions
  6. Recovery and Change
  7. Addictive Thinking and Relapse Prevention
  8. Codependency: The Hidden Addiction
  9. Personal and Professional Boundaries
  10. Assessment and Care Planning

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Wednesday 16 August 2023

As a first step in running the course online, we will be running our flagship first module on Wednesday 16 August from 2:30pm (UK time). Check local time for you.

Module 1: The Nature of Addiction 
Learning outcome: You will know what constitutes an addiction and the basic causes. 

  •  Differentiate addiction from ‘normal’ and recreational use of substances and involvement in behaviours.
  •  Describe relevant theories explaining addiction.
  •  Evaluate the nature of substance misuse and addictions in relation to individuals and families.

Cost: We ask for a donation towards running this session (max. GBP 25 / USD 30). Donate now.

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