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Steve SmithDr Steve Smith

Plenary Speaker 

Dr. Steve Smith is a Christian GP living with his family in Brighton. Steve spent a number of years working as a missionary doctor in Pakistan and after his return to the UK in 1998 he began to specialise in the area of Substance Misuse. This has included extensive experience in drug clinics as well as in residential detox. In 2014, Steve launched The KEYS Project, a Christian charity which now has centres across the UK. KEYS works with churches to support people in the community with addiction issues (see www.keysuk.org for more information).

Jon SwalesRev’d Jon Swales

Plenary Speaker: Team Jesus – The Battered, the Bruised and the Love of God

In this session Rev’d Jon Swales will issue a passionate call for us to look to Jesus who calls and equips his church to reach out to those battered and bruised by the storms of life. Featuring testimony from those in recovery and drawing on his own experience of heading up a fresh expression of Church called Lighthouse we will explore the missional call of Team Jesus to look like King Jesus.

Rev’d Jon Swales lives in Leeds and is married with 4 children. He heads up Lighthouse – a church for those who find themselves in the hard places of life. Jon enjoys reading, folk music, walking and good coffee. Jon also teaches Old Testament at St Hild theological college and is passionate for the church to engage more fully its missional calling to reach out to the most vulnerable in society.

Martin CharlesworthMartin Charlesworth

Plenary Speaker: Addiction and Engaging the UK Church

Martin will share key findings from a current Jubilee+ sponsored national survey on church engagement with addiction issues. He will discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities in building capacity within churches to engage effectively with addiction issues.

Martin was for many years Pastor of Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury, where he developed many social action initiatives. In 2011 he started Jubilee+ a capacity building organisation to help churches engage effectively with a wide variety of social action projects. Jubilee+ runs conferences and training events, conducts research and develops networks. He is co-author of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor and A Church for the Poor. See www.jubilee-plus.org for more.

Huw and Cerys DaviesHuw and Cerys

Workshop: What is the need and how do we meet it?

In this interactive workshop Huw and Cerys will explore the needs of those with addiction issues. They will discuss the current gaps in both Christian and secular areas and talk about how we, as Christians, can best meet those needs as a channel to reach others for Christ.

Huw and Cerys Davies founded and run an evening and weekend drop-in Centre in Swansea City Centre. Huw has a background in addiction and came to faith through 12 Step Recovery. Huw and Cerys have been married for nearly 6 years and, have a passion to help those with addiction issues to turn their lives around.

Katie Dowds

Workshop: Leading Worship for People in Addiction

In this workshop, Katie will explore how we can lead dynamic and interactive worship services for adults with multiple and complex needs. Katie will explore how creative use of language and liturgy, sung worship and prayer can be tailored to include and engage with those who are in addiction.

Katie is a pastor at Lighthouse, a hope filled, Christian community for those who have been battered and bruised by the storms of life. She loves spoken word poetry, learning new languages and long walks in the country.

Stan Malloch

Stan Malloch

Workshop: Christian Recovery Community

In the workshop titled ‘Christian Recovery Community’, Stan will explore the vision of Christians working together at local, national and global levels to bring transformation to those affected by addiction issues. The workshop will discuss the concept of a Christian Recovery Community and highlight some of the ways that this is happening today, with particular focus on Dundee, Scotland.

Stan Malloch has worked in the recovery field for 35 years. He has primarily been involved in helping to establish and develop projects, often residential recovery services and community based recovery projects. He currently works for CrossReach and co-founded Christian Recovery Scotland, facilitating Christian Recovery Community in Scotland.

Dave Paterson

Dave Paterson

Workshop: United and Connected in Tackling Addiction

In this workshop, Dave will seek to highlight the need for Christians to work together with each other and mainstream agencies to tackle addiction in a town, city or regional context. He will examine some of the different ways we as Christians go about tackling addiction and the need to respect and value different methods of working.

A natural at networking, Dave has vast experience of liaising between Christian projects and statutory agencies. He is the Project Coordinator of Unity in Poverty Action (UPA) and chairs Addiction Connection Leeds (ACL). Dave lives and works in Leeds, enjoys cricket, is part of Gateway Church and enjoys the diversity of living in a big city.

Mercy UK Speakers

Charmian Eamus and Catrina Scott

Workshop: Working with Women Trapped in Addictive Behaviours

In this taster session, Catrina and Charmian will look at working with the whole person; spirit, soul and body. They will share on the power of hope for the future in the process of change and discuss the importance of keeping ourselves and our teams healthy. They will also explore the importance of knowing ourselves and our remit and consider working with behaviours whilst addressing their underlying causes. They will also give a short presentation on the work of Mercy UK.

Charmian Eamus is the Curriculum Manager at Mercy UK, overseeing the spiritual and emotional needs of the residents in their Residential Programme. Charmian is passionate about seeing individuals break free from life-controlling issues and truly understand their identity in Christ.

Catrina Scott is the Director of Services at Mercy UK and oversees the leadership and direction of their residential and support services, training and discipleship resources and pastoral support of church partnerships. Catrina firmly believes in the hope of transformation, in empowering individuals to access their freedom and equipping them to maintain it throughout their lives.

Treflyn Lloyd-RobertsTreflyn Lloyd-Roberts

Workshop : Your global team – Meaningful connections and Christian influence  

In this workshop, Treflyn will share stories and expertise on meaningful connections he has helped facilitate across national boundaries. He will share his heart for addicts finding freedom through strategic connections at a leadership level. He will also talk about key international events where Christians now have a voice by working together to represent Christian recovery – and how you can be involved.

Treflyn is the Director of Yeldall Manor, a long standing Christian residential rehabilitation centre in Berkshire. He is also the General Secretary of ISAAC. He has a wealth of experience having travelled the world and visited various addiction/recovery projects with his role at ISAAC and (previously) as a consultant with Tearfund.

Carl Good and Martin Howe

Workshop: Living in Recovery: Life after Rehab

This workshop will explore the Green Pastures model for supported ‘move on’ accommodation. Successfully living in recovery combines community with opportunities to explore how Christian spirituality can sustain living in freedom. Martin Howe explains how Green Pastures can purchase your move on house and offers guidance on involving the local church in supporting your residents. Carl Good will bring this to life by interviewing some of his partners and residents who are successfully overcoming addiction in community after rehab.

Martin is the Green Pastures partner liaison for the South West and West Midlands. He supports a number of Christian Rehabilitation programmes with their second and third stage supported accommodation. He is currently carrying out doctoral research, exploring how Christian faith impacts addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

Carl is the Green Pastures partner liaison for the North of England and Scotland. He started with Green Pastures in 2013 and has been blessed to be part of the exceptional growth during this time, seeing many more lives transformed by having a place that can be called ‘home’. Carl is also the CEO and founder of Lifeline, a Charity in Harrogate, who are partners of Green Pastures, and who have four move-on houses supporting 12 formerly homeless men at any one time.

Patrick ProsserPatrick Prosser

Workshop : A Training Taster – Relapse Prevention and Addictive Thinking

Addiction has been described as a “chronically relapsing condition” – This Taster* offers an overview of the essential skills in the recovery process and some training options on the theme of developing Recovery Communities.

*ISAAC Living Recovery offers a range of modular training courses for those in the recovery field. Our training is professional, practical and reflects ISAAC’s core values.

Patrick is passionate about equipping projects and churches to respond to individuals and families trapped by addictions. He has worked in the addictions field for more than 30 years with residential and community projects and has been training in the UK and internationally for most of that time. He is actively involved in supporting addictions recovery in Gloucester. He is married to Jenny, has three married children and ten grandchildren.

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