Change is possible!

Change is possible!

6th March 2018 ISAAC News 0

How The Genesis Process works in Ukraine:

Being transformed into the image of God and doing what God wants us to do is the something all committed Christians aim for. Yet, oftentimes we are doing the very thing we hate, not what we would like to do (Romans 7:15). We might suffer from the snare of addiction, some wrong habit or self-destructive behaviour. Good intentions and right motivation are not always enough. What is really needed in these scenarios is honest self-exploration, healing of emotional wounds and memories.

The Genesis Program is designed for those people who want to change those habits which stand in the way of them acquiring God’s character. Many problems can be resolved when we take responsibility for their solution, when we stop looking around pointing the finger, and learn to become genuine with ourselves, God and other people. When we are changing, it inevitably affects others, who were part of our difficult situation.


Support groups are one the main features of the program. Participants learn to be real in groups. They learn to explore their hearts, experience their own change and encourage others recovery journey. This format means that participants do not wallow in self-pity and egocentrism; and can see that they are not alone in their struggles and can look at their situation from a different perspective.

Since 2009 Genesis ministries started its work in Ukraine, mostly in Kiev and the surrounding area. There are several support groups meeting weekly, with participants coming from different churches. Witnessing real changes in people’s lives, more churches have come forward to host Genesis ministry seminars.

At the end of May 2017, a seminar on the Genesis Process was held near Lviv (Ukraine). The church ‘God’s Covering’ hosted and around 30 people took part. Following the training participants continue applying acquired knowledge in weekly support groups. In 2017, for the first time a seminar was held for those people who have gone through the Genesis program and are looking to help multiply the work.

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Healing stories

“I really needed healing of my emotional wounds and past memories, and it happened with the Lord’s help through Genesis support groups. I understood that having such wounds creates a serious obstacle to our spiritual growth. We take a step of faith, but instantaneously are thrown back two steps because of the past wounds, and it becomes a vicious circle. The Lord helped me to react to people’s anger in the right way, that is, stop ‘hiding’, get rid of my ‘all is well’ mask, and from constantly rescuing others. I’m deeply grateful to Him!” 
Alyona, 42 years old

A Genesis Process meeting

A group meeting

I came to Genesis support groups because I needed to deal with addiction. Lately I would often go somewhere to have a glass of alcohol and relax, but afterwards come home drunk late at night. I didn’t like it and neither did my wife who was so upset because of my drinking.


Having joined the group, I initially thought that ‘exploring myself’ is meaningless, since I’m sensible enough and have no ‘inner’ problems. However, studying one topic after another I understood what was going on inside of me before I went out and got drunk. I noticed that throughout the day I was angry and irritable, thought badly about my subordinates, then ‘dealt’ with stress and anger in the evening.

Since God helped me to see and deal with irritability and anger I communicate with my staff more calmly. There is no need to cool down after work and I was able to quit drinking.
Evgenij, 27 years old