“Fear not” : A note of encouragement

“Fear not” : A note of encouragement

23rd March 2020 Encourage, ISAAC News 0

These are extraordinary times in which we are living!

I know for many, these world-wide events and actions are causing some difficulties. As each nation rolls out various protocols to combat the spread of the virus I find myself taking more time away from everything and drawing closer to Him. As we say in English: “Every cloud has a silver lining.” My silver lining is a less cluttered life – albeit for a short time – whereby I can spend more time in prayer. In a very strange sense, I am thankful for it.

As I watch the unfolding crisis across Europe, and worldwide, I hear a simple encouragement from the Lord to his disciples as they watched with trepidation a figure walking on the water: “It is I; don’t be afraid.” (John 6:16 – 24 and Matt 14: 22 – 33). So, with this simple word in mind, I encourage all in the ISAAC Family worldwide to “fear not”!

I also pray that none of you find it difficult to find the basic necessities of life, and that you are able to continue the work to which God has called you!

God bless you all richly,

Tom Bremer
ISAAC President