“He returned no less than 15 times”

“He returned no less than 15 times”

19th November 2015 ISAAC News 0

TelAviv Bible studyThis testimony comes from Dov in Tel Aviv

“We praise the Lord for Sergei*, a street addict from Tel Aviv, who now lives in our rehabilitation center for men in Beer-Sheva. He became addicted at the age of 16 and today he is 32. Ten years ago he went to a Christian rehab for the first time and spent eight months there, but then fell and returned to drugs. We met him on Tel-Aviv’s streets and invited to our rehab center. Sadly, he could not last there more than a couple of days at a time. The addiction would always get the better of him.

Igor, our rehab’s director, however, would always take him back whenever he returned, even though it was no less then 15 times. Now we are happy to say that this time Sergei has stayed in the rehab for four weeks already – his personal record! His life has begun to change. We are grateful that Igor was so patient and would always give Sergei another chance – even though it might even seem unreasonable! We hope Sergei will complete the rehabilitation program, will get free from his addiction and his story will become an encouragement to others – and especially to workers of rehabilitation centers who deal with residents who seem absolutely hopeless…”

*Name changed for confidentiality

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