Intercontinental Connection

Intercontinental Connection

30th May 2019 Connect, Encourage, ISAAC News 0

This is a short post on how ISAAC member organisations from different continents connected to bless each other’s work written by Andy Partington.

Novō’s vision to create transformational communities in developing nations by empowering God’s people to respond to their sense of calling to help hurting and broken people. This is done by providing local leaders the support they need in order to launch and a sustain an effective recovery community.

Novō is a ‘community franchise’ and the support offered includes addiction training; access to the Novō programme structure and content; oversight, coaching and quality control; and financial support as is possible/required.

Currently a residential Novō community operates in Santa Cruz (Bolivia), offering a 9-month 2-stage programme to 22 men in recovery from addiction. In Tarija (Bolivia) a non-residential Novō community offers structured help to men and women in recovery from addiction and to individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and other life-undermining issues.

In December the Bolivian leaders of these communities, David Salazar and David Fuertes, travelled to Yeldall Manor (UK) for an intensive learning and development experience.

The ‘Two Davids’ (as they are now affectionately known at Yeldall) were immersed in the life of of the Manor. They connected with residents, met with staff one-to-one, saw Yeldall’s second-stage and aftercare work first-hand, sat-in on staff meetings and therapeutic groups, and attended one of Yeldall’s Celebration/Graduation nights.

Reflecting on his time at Yeldall, David Fuertes writes:

“It is a dream fulfilled. It was an unforgettable experience. Mainly it served to expand my vision and my goals with Novo and to grow my goals in a personal way. Every conversation with the Staff and with the residents was very important and with a great teaching component for me. I received a lot to apply in Bolivia. Now my personal commitment is to dedicate myself to the work in Tarija to be able to help anyone with problems of addiction or emotional problems.”

ISAAC exists to connect those working in the addiction field with one-another so that they might be encouraged an equipped. As Novō we are very grateful for the ways in which key leaders within our work were encouraged and equipped abundantly as they connected with the  staff and residents of Yeldall Manor who generously shared their time, experience and understanding.

You can read more from Andy and his thoughts on Life, Addiction and Faith on his own blog: