ISAAC Member at Tackling Doping in Sport 2017 Conference

ISAAC Member at Tackling Doping in Sport 2017 Conference

23rd May 2017 ISAAC News 0

Mr. Ikenna Molobe, Director of Unified Initiative for a Drug Free Nigeria, presented a paper at the 2017 Tackling Doping in Sport conference – held on 8 and 9 March at the Hilton London Wembley. Mr. Ikenna Molobe who is also an ISAAC Member from Nigeria delivered his paper on ‘Situational Assessment on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of drug use and abuse among Nigerian Sports Men and Women’.

The impetus of the event was to better protect sportsmen and women from doping. The conference welcomed over 320 delegates from over 45 countries and across the sporting disciplines, who were witness to poignant discussions of very topical issues concerning the state of anti-doping in sport. The issues discussed included how to regain confidence in the global anti-doping system, Therapeutic Use Exemptions, the use of sports supplements, protecting athlete data, whistleblowing, athletes’ appeals against doping-related Court of Arbitration for Sport (‘CAS’) awards, a review of the International Paralympic Committee’s (‘IPC’) decision to suspend Russia, and sports governance.

Ikenna Molobe began his session by explaining that a recent study was carried out to investigate awareness and knowledge of drug abuse in Nigerian sports and consisted of 345 participants from a wide range of sports and with a varied level of education. Presenting the results, Molobe concluded that better education would help prevent doping in Nigeria. Molobe explained that 56% of respondents said they felt that most sporting records are due to drug use, with the wrong attitude and beliefs being seen as a reason for doping. Molobe identified that more research is needed to develop an effective prevention strategy. Recommendations made by the study include that an anti-doping education and training programme should be continuous and mandatory for those in the sporting community; such education should be aimed at young people to prevent doping becoming the “norm” and Government and private sectors should fund and promote anti-doping research. Molobe stated that in order to support the advocacy programme in Nigeria, more research needs to be carried out. The Government previously did not see doping as a problem in Nigeria, but Molobe said that he hoped this study

Ikenna with ISAAC UK members

Ikenna at New Hope, UK

would change their view. When asked if the research had received any feedback, Molobe replied that there had been feedback from the national sports commission but that it has also been submitted to the Government, and they were trying to push it harder to gain more recognition.

Tackling Doping in Sport is an annual conference organised by World Sports Advocate (formerly World Sports Law Report) – a monthly publication dedicated to providing expert analysis on the evolving legal and regulatory landscape for sport.

During this conference, Ikenna Molobe was hosted by the ISAAC community in UK who also facilitated his visit to members’ project; New Hope and Yeldall Manor, drug addiction rehabilitation homes.

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