ISAAC Mentoring connects individuals across nations

ISAAC Mentoring connects individuals across nations

6th July 2023 Connect, Encourage, Equip, ISAAC News 0

ISAAC Mentoring offers a life-changing opportunity for all ISAAC Members

This is the chance to walk alongside someone who provides unwavering support and encouragement in their journey of working in addictions/recovery. Here’s an inspiring update on our current cohort:

  • All our selected Mentors have received relevant training and have had one group check-in so far. This is what they shared: “A great session”, “very very helpful”, “very useful and encouraging”, “It was good to meet with the group and the input was really helpful.” 
  • Our Mentee’s have also been in touch about how meetings with Mentors are going: “it has been great so far”, “It works well for me”, “We have very good communication on Zoom”, “I’m enjoying sharing with my Mentor”, “the program is an excellent idea”
  • Nine Mentor-Mentee matches started meeting in January this year. Seven pairs are from different nations and two pairs from the same. 
  • We matched people based on the Mentee’s needs and Mentors strengths.
  • As we didn’t know all the applicants personally, we met with them online to get to know them better before matching them with their Mentor/Mentee. We also took written references.
  • We had a wide range of applicants from a variety of nations and backgrounds.

Ready to embark on your mentoring journey? All ISAAC Members are welcome to express interest as a Mentor/Mentee by emailing for the next time we run the program.